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 The Other games

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MessageSujet: The Other games   Mar 28 Aoû - 13:49

Comparison with the other Games

Following the many messages of the forums, we noted several types of comparisons to other Games:
- comparisons with plays to allow us to be different. For example: “this function already exists in such other Game, if you prefer more personal/original being, should make you differently”
- comparisons which illustrate a function
- comparisons to say to us to make as in such game

Lastly, we also noted the abuse in certain messages of criticism towards the other Games (that we will not voluntarily quote).

We know what is the creation of a Game and what that induces like creative constraints or needs (artistic will, technical choices, requirement, possibilities of realization).
We have also respect for artistiqus creation and the other Games in general.

Thus, it from now on is authorized any more speech on this forum of another game only Moonkiroe, some is the framework in which that is done (that is to complain or compare the plays), hormi by MP with the developers or regulators of the forum.

This forum is neither a hotline for the other games, nor a place where one can complain about the other games, by not respecting the work of their creator.

Thus, all 1st comment which will speak about another game will be followed of one 1st warning without consequence.
On the other hand, if that reproduces, the messages according to will be seen allotted Warn (avrtissement having consequences).
At the end of 3 warn, the member will be banished from the forum (and game) during 1 week.
Following that, if it 's make another remark like that, it would be the final banishment of the forum and its inscription on the list of the beta-testers would be removed.

It should well be understood that a game is a process of creation long and difficult and that all the games deserve the respect.

Thank you for your comprehension.


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The Other games
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